Top 7 Strategies to Become the Best Restaurant

World Chef is a game brought by Social Point. In this game, you track ingredients and recipes while running a restaurant with hungry customers. Here are some of the top strategies in order to become the best in this game.

1. This game is not a game of time management

The game may seem like a Diner Dash game but here, you are not aiming to serve your customers as fast as you can. This game is better played at a leisurely manner. Build up your menu, expand by adding tables, and manage your resources and ingredients wisely. Your customers will not leave if you do not serve them quickly but you can still opt to be fast so you could serve new customers and earn more.

2. Cook basic ingredients constantly

Usually, potatoes and meat are base ingredients that are found in most dishes. High demand resources are beef patties and bread. Another ingredient to add to the list is cheese. Keep them cooking all the time so you could quickly serve them to customers and make dishes out of them.

3. Check the market often

Some players put up their ingredients on the marketplace. Check them every once in a while to find good deals.

4. Stock up on ingredients whenever possible

Avoid running out of ingredients during big cooking sprees. Always stock up on raw ingredients so you’d be able to cook without much interruption.

5. Upgrade your storage at the right time

Whenever space gets tight, upgrade your storage. But as a player, you should be able to know if the timing is right.

6. Read your customers’ icon so you could save time

The pictures above your customers’ heads are very useful. You could save time in finding out what is in demand by just looking at these icons. An exclamation point might mean that the customer wants a dish you haven’t cooked yet. A checkmark may mean a dish that is already present. A coin means the customer is billing out.

7. For actions under one minute, it would cost you nothing to finish them up quick

Some games require hard currency like gold or gem for speeding up features. This is why the World Chef cheats for free gold and gems are so popular amongst the players in 2016. For this game, once the task has reached 60 seconds, you can speed it up for free. This is extremely useful for ingredients with high demand such as bread.

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