5 Tips on Getting to Level 10 Fast for Beginners

World Chef is more of a resource-management game where you could take your own time in preparing yummy dishes and serving them to your clients. As you go on, you could expand your restaurant and you could prepare exquisite dishes for renowned guests.

As you build cooking stations, hire great chefs, unlock recipes, and revamp your restaurant, you would always have the goal of leveling up fast! How to do that? Read a few tips below.

level 11 first chef achievement

  1. Since there is no need to hurry in serving your customers, it would always be helpful to have many tables so you could serve more people at a time. Collect XPs faster with this tactic. Just be sure to have enough space. If there is none, you could always expand your restaurant by using coins. Just be sure to prepare first the orders that take lesser time to complete. This way, these clients could leave their tables quick so you could serve another.
  2. The social market is useful in buying and selling food to other players. Buy dishes instead of ingredients. You could purchase ingredients from the market anyway so you wouldn’t have to buy them in the social market. Usually, sellers would post dishes that are expensive. Choose the ones that are less expensive. Keep an eye on such offers. There is always a timer that you could check at the bottom of the social market so you’d identify how many minutes are left to go before new orders appear. If you want to sell dishes, choose the ones that would take less time in completing. An example is hamburgers.
  3. Try visiting restaurants of other players using the Social Market so you could get inspired. Be in the know of how others’ restaurants look like and how they manage their restaurants. Get placement ideas and designs from them and use these to level up your own.
  4. Upgrade first your ingredient storeroom. You would be needing special items but you can get these from the social market. In upgrading the ingredient room first, you would have a lot of room for ingredients which is necessary in making dishes. Cram up the ingredient room with food items to utilize it better.
  5. Always complete achievements. These would give you XPs and gems, that can also be generated for free by using World Chef hack tool. Tap on the chef statue and find out the requirements for the achievement you want. Completing them would surely upgrade you to a new level and you would even receive 20 gems.

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